Slate Blue Kid's Play Couch
Slate Blue Kid's Play Couch
Slate Blue Kid's Play Couch
Slate Blue Kid's Play Couch
Slate Blue Kid's Play Couch

Slate Blue Kid's Play Couch

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The Halo configurable play couch is made up of four foam pieces (base, cushion, and two triangle pillows), covered in a microsuede fabric cover in the color of your choice. 


☁️ Easy to assemble children's play furniture

☁️ Olefin fiber weave material for comfort and easy cleaning

☁️ You'd be surprised by how far a three-part set can be built

☁️ Comfort and play



☁️ Couch Dimensions: 168 x 84 x 42 CM 

☁️ Box Dimensions: 90 x 90 x 38 CM

☁️ Thin base density: 32kg/M3 | Thick base density: 34kg/M3 | Pillow density: 20kg/M3

☁️ Total weight: 22 lbs | No weight limit to use! 

☁️ Materials used: Polyurethane (for foam) & Olefin fiber weave (for covers) 

☁️ Fluffs within 10 minutes but please allow up to 2-3 days to perfectly inflate and to de-wrinkle! 

☁️ No hazardous or flammable materials - rest assured! 

☁️ Covers may be removed and washed 



Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Questionable company and product at best

It might seem like a good idea to purchase this play sofa, but I would encourage you not to. Not only was my original review deleted, but they have tried to silence me by making empty promises.

The zippers on this sofa are incredibly cheap. All but one broke the very first time I unzipped them to wash the covers. Soon after I found the last zipper in my baby’s mouth and I was in the same room with her. All parents know that children get into mischief very quickly, even under your watchful eye. But I will say, it is up to companies and brands that manufacture products specifically for them to minimize choking hazards! I do not want any other parent to have to worry about this risk. Please, save your money and buy a Nugget!

To circle back around to my initial paragraph, I contacted the company and asked for a possible solution to the awful/dangerous zipper issue. At first they were quickly responsive, assuring me that we’d come up with a resolve together. They offered me replacement cushion covers for free. Amazing! I was thrilled. Weeks went by and I did not receive replacements, tracking, or a follow up email explaining what was going on. I reached out again asking for a status update. They took a while to reply then said the covers are out of stock. Weeks went by. I reached out again. Same thing. They even offered to replace the sofa as a whole or refund me for it (whichever I wanted, they said) if the replacements did not come in by the end of the following month. That was at the end of July. The end of August came and went. I gave them into the beginning of September to notify me of the status, then I emailed yet again and said I’d just like a refund, this isn’t worth the hassle.

Abby said “replacement covers have been sent. Tracking info will be sent to you soon.” That was nearly 3 weeks ago and I haven’t gotten tracking or covers. This is ludicrous. It seems like they are stalling so they don’t have to refund me. The entire situation is a PR nightmare but I do not have time to deal with that.

Again, PLEASE buy a different play sofa. Save yourself!

Not worth it

Zipper broke after 1 month, only 3.5 months old. Not worth it.


Slate Blue Kid's Play Couch


just arrived and it looks great, very easy to assemble!!! i can't wait for my kiddo to get to use it!

Love it

we've had our halo cutie for a couple of days now and it has survived all the jumping and spills of two rowdy boys. they love it !