Where are you located?
We are located in the sweet south, Raleigh, NC. 
How long are shipping times?
We are so glad you asked! We know you want your products and we don't want you to wait. Processing times are 24 hours with shipping times of 7-10 days. 
How do I care for my Halo Cutie?
Good parents deserve some ease. That's why our Halo Cutie made for your cuties can be machine washed. Just unzip the cover and throw into the washer at a cold temperature. 
Do you accept returns?
Well, of course! We accept back any product within 14 days of delivery. You can email us at cs@halocuties.com for better assistance.
Can I cancel my order before it ships?
Yes! Please email us at cs@halocuties.com and one of our representatives will help you as soon as possible. 
My Halo Cutie looks weird upon arrival, why?
We seal your Halo Cutie as tight as possible to fit in our environmentally conscious box. Upon opening, it is recommended you let your new favorite breath and expand. Inflation time is about 10 minutes! No tools, no help. Simply unbox and step away.