Sunrise Pink Kid's Play Couch
Sunrise Pink Kid's Play Couch
Sunrise Pink Kid's Play Couch
Sunrise Pink Kid's Play Couch
Sunrise Pink Kid's Play Couch

Sunrise Pink Kid's Play Couch

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The Halo configurable play couch is made up of four foam pieces (base, cushion, and two triangle pillows), covered in a microsuede fabric cover in the color of your choice. 


☁️ Easy to assemble children's play furniture

☁️ Olefin fiber weave material for comfort and easy cleaning

☁️ You'd be surprised by how far a three-part set can be built

☁️ Comfort and play



☁️ Couch Dimensions: 168 x 84 x 42 CM 

☁️ Box Dimensions: 90 x 90 x 38 CM

☁️ Thin base density: 32kg/M3 | Thick base density: 34kg/M3 | Pillow density: 20kg/M3

☁️ Total weight: 22 lbs | No weight limit to use! 

☁️ Materials used: Polyurethane (for foam) & Olefin fiber weave (for covers) 

☁️ Fluffs within 10 minutes but please allow up to 2-3 days to perfectly inflate and to de-wrinkle! 

☁️ No hazardous or flammable materials - rest assured! 

☁️ Covers may be removed and washed 



Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Run, just run.

Run away from this company. Check reviews on all their socials and you will see exactly why. They are scam artists.

Item arrived damaged, no response from cust. svc.

Our couch arrived with damaged zippers--the pulls were bent beyond repair, probably because of the way it's rolled up for shipping. The two pillows never inflated. I reached out to customer service twice to see if there was anything they could do, and never got any kind of response. I would not recommend this couch to anyone looking for some toddler furniture.

Emily Fortin
ZERO STARS! Do not buy!!

This company is a fraud. I ordered in May. The zippers were broken. I requested a new set of covers or a refund. They said they would send me replacement covers. It has been 6 months and I still haven’t gotten anything. I have emailed them 15 times in the past 6 months and they always say the same thing. “We will send you a replacement cover” “sorry for the delay” “we are experiencing delays in shipping” yet they promise quick shipping on their website. How can you promise quick shipping for the cushions on your website but have “delays” for replacement covers to customers who already purchased. I would love a REAL response.

Jess Jons

These people are horrible. Total scam. Looks like they manufactured a horrible product (the zippers) and are trying to get the little bit of money they invested into this garbage. There’s no customer service team. I’ve reached out for over a month and never heard back. Don’t buy!!!! Total scam.

Jess Jones

coming is a total scam. I reached out first day I received order and there was a broken zipper. Over a month and never heard back from customer service. When I leave a review on direct website they delete it. Don’t buy!